Hardwire Package

A hardwired system is where we run low voltage electrical lines from the master control panel to each individual sensor throughout the home or business.

The master control panel is the main brain of the security system and is generally located in an unfinished basement, a utility room, or maybe inside a hall or bedroom closet. With the free essential package that we offer our technician would have a minimum of 8 lines to run. There would be 3 runs to the perimeter doors, 1 to the touchpad, 1 to the interior motion detector, 1 to an interior siren, 1 to the power supply, and 1 for the telephone connection.

On a professionally installed system the wires are hidden. Ideally the best case scenario is to prewire the structure as it is being built, before the walls and ceilings are finished. But for an existing building this will have to be done by fishing the wires through the walls to an unfinished basement or through the attic. In some cases it may even require pulling some carpet or popping trim. If the installation requires even moderate reconstruction or burying wire under ground, it may be more cost prohibitive to go with wireless sensors.

Our security consultant will survey your home and advise you of the hardwire possibilities and if the hardwire option is the best fit for your needs.

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  • Category: Security Packages
  • Our Essential Package: Free Equipment and Free Installation with CSG monitoring agreement
  • 1 Control Panel: $0
  • 1 LCD Touchpad: $0
  • 3 Door Sensors: $0
  • 1 Motion Detector: $0
  • 1 Interior siren: $0
  • 1 Battery back-up: $0